What To Wear on Cape Town Wine Tours

Image284Going on a wine tour around Cape Town can be a lot of fun. With so much to do and experience, your clothing options will depend on your itinerary for the day. With your comfort being top priority, here are five tips for dressing for your wine tour.

#1 Wear Comfortable Footwear

Most wine tours do offer seated tastings, but as you are navigating through numerous wine farms you’re likelier to spend a fair amount of time on your feet. Should you wish to navigate the different wine farms and take a stroll through the vineyards, you want to do so in comfort. Pack your heels away and put a pair of sneakers on instead.

#2 Ensure You Have Sufficient Layers On

Because you probably booked your wine tour in advance, ensure you have sufficient layers on to accommodate a change in weather. As the Cape’s weather is unpredictable, you don’t want your tour to be spoiled due to you getting cold. Should it turn out to be warmer than you expected, you are able to take off one or two layers and still be comfortable.

#3 Keep Your Outfit Simple

As mentioned before, you want to be comfortable when you are on your wine tour. So when you are choosing your outfit for the day, choose something that is fuss free so you can give your full attention to your wine and fun and not fuss about straps that keep falling off or a fabric that is itchy.

#4 Don’t Wear White or Light Colour Clothing

We’d recommend you didn’t wear white on your wine tour and if you do, do so with caution. If you are inclined to be clumsy or are on the wine tour with people who are inclined to be clumsy, pack the white clothing away and avoid it being damaged. Although most wine stains can be removed from clothing, avoid having to stress over potential spillage by not wearing light or white clothing.

#5 Let Your Hair Loose

Whatever hairstyle you choose for the day, try and choose something that’s easy to maintain such as a pony-tail. If you are going to let your hair down, do so in style by clipping it out of your face. The last thing you want is your hair going into your wine glass.

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4 Types Of Cost-Effective Flooring For Your Home and Business

Doing maintenance or upgrades in your home and business gives you the perfect opportunity to rethink your flooring options. For homes and businesses there are so many different types to match almost every person’s needs.

However, the choice you make will largely be dependent on the budget you have available and potentially the size of the space you are looking to upgrade your floors from epoxy flooring to any thing else. Here are four types of flooring you can consider for your upgrades:

#1 Tiles

Seen as being the most popular flooring solution, it’s also the most durable and waterproof option. Most commonly used in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, tiles, if chosen appropriately, won’t become dated. If you are looking for a cost effective means of upgrading a particular space, making use of tiles is your option.

#2 Carpet

Having carpet installed is one of the more classic options. Bringing warmth and giving any space it’s installed in a comfortable feel, this type of flooring is considered for bedrooms and reception areas. Maintenance for carpets is not labor intensive and thanks to technological advancements, are developed with stain-resistant fibers.

#3 Laminate Flooring

Also a popular type of flooring, laminate flooring is best suited as a substitute for hardwood, both in terms of costing as well as design. With improvements over the years, laminate flooring can be produced to look like hardwood.

Used within both living rooms and bedrooms, it also brings in a certain level of warmth to the area. The biggest disadvantage with this type of flooring is, should the flooring become damaged, it becomes more challenging to replace it than ordinary wood flooring.

#4 Interlocking flooring

An up and coming flooring solution, interlocking flooring is suitable for most business and home environments. From factories, showrooms, schools and garages, the installation process is not labour intensive and anyone can do it. This type of flooring can be installed over your existing flooring resulting in you saving money you would have spent on removing the old flooring.

With so many options available, these are just 4 of the most cost effective options available for you to choose from. Make the most of your space and budget by choosing one of these flooring solutions. You can see more of those here on this site.

The Benefits of Buying in Bulk

Image101Due to tough economic conditions, whether you’re the breadwinner of the family or are running a business, saving money on your shopping for household products or business supplies is always welcomed. With both households and businesses needing to do their bit to cut costs, purchasing produce in bulk might just be the best solution.

Save Your Business and Neighbouring Businesses Money

Food suppliers and food companies in South Africa can help you beat the credit crunch by offering bulk purchasing options for your business. Once you identified the supplies you’re able to purchase in bulk that won’t cause you hassles, you can explore the option of buying in bulk at wholesale prices in Cape Town. With so many businesses that offer wholesale pricing for bulk purchases, it seems like a no brainer to do.

Should your business not require such large stock quantities, there’s the option to team up with other local businesses in the area and buying stock together so you can both benefit from the saving on produce you might not have been able to afford to purchase by yourself.

Do Your Bit To Protect The Environment

Not only do you have the benefit of saving money, but there are also a number of environmental benefits to doing bulk purchases. Buying in bulk results in less packaging being used and so reducing your carbon footprint.

Of course, where possible, you also have the option to reuse some of the packaging such as glass containers in your kitchen, or stainless steel storage containers in food preparation areas within canteens, restaurants and shopping centers. Businesses can benefit by implementing waste management practices to ensure they minimise any potential waste.

Less Trips For Your Suppliers

In return, your supplier will make less delivery trips when you buy in bulk. Not only can they trade knowing they aren’t emitting unnecessary gasses into the atmosphere, but this also reduces their cost on fuel and time on the road, which results in better prices for you, their customer. You can also look to local restaurants like these.