Online lottery is pretty straightforward, you pick your favorite numbers, mark them on your ticket, and off you go. More traditional online lottery games will have you depositing money on their websites so that you can play games. BTC or bitcoin lottery games have other creative ways wherein you can win cash, and they do recognize the fact that you want to play other games too while you are at it. Some offer tickets as rewards for playing different games on their website, which is a stroke of genius really. This means that the more you play, the more tickets you can earn to their bitcoin lotto.

online lottery

Is it different?

As to the question, if the online bitcoin lottery is different, the short answer would be no, not really. The only noticeable difference that stands out is the use of cryptocurrency as the wager and the prize money. Another difference is that there are fewer established sites than those traditional online lotto outlets and that is actually better because that means very few people are playing it at the moment. The less popular a lotto game is the chances of each player winning is considerably higher because of the lower odds.

The rules are virtually the same.

Scratch cards, lotto prizes, instant win games can all be played using bitcoin, and the intricacies of using tried methods for choosing numbers remain the same. Bitcoin lotteries are also as legitimate as they come and to be safe, make sure that you play on a regulated site. This is very important as you may encounter problems with unregulated sites when setting about to claim your winnings. When you cannot see any sign of their license to operate on display on their website, find another site to play online bitcoin lotto. A bitcoin lottery basically works like Powerball and Megamillions where players purchase tickets in the hopes of hitting it big with the jackpot.

Extra Care

Being online, there are certain safeguards that one need to undertake when engaging in such activities. Have stronger passwords and beef up security on the devices you use to play online lotto and you will be good to go!